What is El Dragon? - El Dragón
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Proyecto El Dragón

What is El Dragon?

El Dragon is a democratic school, an organic school and an international school.

El Dragon as a democratic school

El Dragon respects the two main principles of democratic school: free distribution of time and democratic school management.


As in any democratic school, in the Dragon, implicit learning is the most important in all learning processes.

This means that El Dragon Classrooms extend beyond their doors. El Dragons classrooms are spread all over the world: students are not limited to the four walls of a classroom but spend a large part of their day in different places in which they are learning through their experience, this is implicit learning.


Therefore, a normal day in El Dragon may be to visit, among others,  local start ups, orchards, herbalists and museums; And involves carrying out a series of activities such as making purchases, deciding what to plant depending on the season, sports activities in municipal centers, library research, and so on. All of these activities prepare students to confront real-life situations outside the bubble that traditional education systems create. In addition, the use of traditional subjects such as mathematics, literature or science is implicit.

IMG_4338For example, in the Dragon the kitchen is an ideal place for the promotion of implicit learning. In the kitchen, the children collaborate with our chef. In this space, students learn chemistry, mathematics, weight measures, learn nutrition, learn new cultures depending on the gastronomic choice of the day, and so on.


When kids face everyday situations and problems, they learn to be independent and they become capable of solving problems on their own without having to ask for an adult help. In El Dragon, students, unlike traditional educational systems, stop being just receivers of information and they achieve an active role. In the Dragon we form individuals capable of transforming reality, make decisions and carry out their own initiatives and vital objectives ethically and respect different life choices and ideologies.


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