International School - El Dragón
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El Dragón

International School

El Dragón has the vocation to be a school of the future, an international school with open windows and doors to a globalized world. El Dragon is an integrated and inclusive space where the existing cultural diversity plays the role of multiplied learning.

Currently, people from more than a dozen countries make up the schools’ community: Saudi Arabia, Poland, Holland, England, India, the United States, Spain, Morocco, Colombia, Venezuela, Scotland, Argentina, Romania, just to name a few.  


A pillar of our school is Bilingualism. We are conscious of the present and future relevance of English as a universal language in the world, which is why at El Dragon, learning English takes precedence. The majority of activities that comprise our Social and Academic models are done in English, making it a unifying force and giving El Dragon international character. 


We are affiliated with the NEASC‘s program of Homologation and Recognition. 

The NEASC is a recognition and developmental agency for the most prominent academic institutions of the world. Institutions like Yale and MIT are recognized by the NEASC. This recognition is a guarantee of educational quality based on a desire for ongoing self evaluation setting ourselves among the leading innovative institutions in our quest for educational excellence.